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    Delivery Four Sets Heavy Duty Coil Feeding Line To Mexico

    Recently, Haiwei has perfectly arranged shipping 4 sets heavy duty coil feeding line today to Mexico, it was comprised of 1 set NCHW4-1000A, 1 set NCHW3-800A, 1 set NCHW2-1000A and 1 set NCHW3-600A model 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder. Among them, these devices are made of full set of Siemens servo control system: high- precision feeding; humanized design and safety protection system etc., convenient for operating. To sum up,Heavy duty coil feeding line has played an increasingly prominent role.

    3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder

    The customer produce auto metal stamping parts used in FORD, HONDA, TOYOTA, TESLA etc. most products are high tensile steel with yield strength of above 590MPa, so they are all HIGH TENSILE use coil feeding lines of the above 4 sets coil feeders. We attach great importance to packing material transportation.

    3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder

    Haiwei has injected in meeting customers needs in terms of product technology and transportation. The product is solided. The housing-type structure is specially designed for high-strength plates, and the upper and lower leveling rollers have reinforcement structures to ensure that the stress relief effect meets the standard.

    Recently,Haiwei actively explore international trade and local markets, with independent import and export rights. Haiwei has a large number of marketing and professional transportation in various manufacturing, At this time, It will be shipped in 2 set 40HQ containers, so every 2 sets coil feeders are loaded in 1 container. Each container’s goods weight is about 26Tons.,which shows many successful cases in his corporate achievements today.

    3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder