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    Dongguan HAIWEI NCHW1-600A model 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder+ long beam multi-station transfer system for Vietnam customer

    Comprise of the whole line

    a)NCHW1-600A model 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder: 1 set
    b)Long team multi-station transfer system: 1 set
    c)Power press: 2sets(or as actual need)
    d)Multi-station transfer mold: 2sets(or as actual need)

    Main feature of the transfer line

    1.It combined not only decoiler, straightener and servo feeder 3 machines in 1 machine, but it also combined electrical parts, pneumatic parts, hydraulic drive parts in 1 machine, all these were controlled by PLC and HMI.
    2.It occupies less space of 3 in 1 type than independent type, moreover, it can realized completely automation such as coil payoff, feeding strip head into straightener feeder etc.
    3.For long beam transfer system, it occupy less space for main bean and required less throat depth, very suitable for multi-presses and multi-station transfer and stamping products.

    NCHW1-600A-coil-feeder--long-beam-multi-station-transfer-system--1-_1 NCHW1-600A-coil-feeder--long-beam-multi-station-transfer-system--1-_1
    NCHW1-600A-coil-feeder--long-beam-multi-station-transfer-system--2-_1 NCHW1-600A-coil-feeder--long-beam-multi-station-transfer-system--2-_1
    NCHW1-600A-coil-feeder--long-beam-multi-station-transfer-system--3-_1 NCHW1-600A-coil-feeder--long-beam-multi-station-transfer-system--3-_1
    NCHW1-600A-coil-feeder--long-beam-multi-station-transfer-system--4-_1 NCHW1-600A-coil-feeder--long-beam-multi-station-transfer-system--4-_1