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    Brief Introduction:
    It was automatic blanking line exported to Russia which mainly used to product bowls. The manipulator pick up work piece from destacker then put on conveyor belt then go through the double side oiling device to roll oil on surface and then put to mould, finished processed product was pushed out of the bolster.

    Comprising of the feeding line
    1. Auto destacker: 1set
    2. Oil lubrication device: 1set
    3. Manipulator device: 1set
    4. Control box: 1set

    hydraulic-press-stretching-manipulator-05 hydraulic-press-stretching-manipulator-05
    hydraulic-press-stretching-manipulator-04 hydraulic-press-stretching-manipulator-04
    hydraulic-press-stretching-manipulator-03 hydraulic-press-stretching-manipulator-03
    hydraulic-press-stretching-manipulator-02 hydraulic-press-stretching-manipulator-02