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    Brief Introduction:
    It was a high speed coil feed line for metal sheet perforating line, the NCF-1000 model high speed double servo press feeder won China government rewards in 2013, Max. Feeding speed comes 400times/min, especially suitable for metal sheet perforating area.

    Comprising of the perforating line:
    1. Double servo press feeder: 1set
    2. Precious metal sheet straightener: 1set
    3. Heavy decoiler: 1set
    4. Perforated use stamping dies with shear: 1set
    5.  High speed power press: 1set

    Machine main configuration:
    1. For the high speed double servo press feeder. It equip with 2 set of servo driving device, one set is used to release upper feeding roller, the other is used to feed strips forwards. So the feeding and releasing speed is mush faster than ordinary servo feeder.
    High speed metal sheet perforating line 06
    2. Perforated use stamping dies with shear
    We have very good cooperator who are specialized on metal sheet perforated use stamping dies, the mould is precious and reliable with long life time, perforated metal strips can be cut by the shear installed at the end of the stamping dies or rolled up by a recoiler machine in coils.

    high-speed-metal-sheet-perforating-line-10 high-speed-metal-sheet-perforating-line-10
    high-speed-metal-sheet-perforating-line-09 high-speed-metal-sheet-perforating-line-09
    high-speed-metal-sheet-perforating-line-08 high-speed-metal-sheet-perforating-line-08
    high-speed-metal-sheet-perforating-line-07 high-speed-metal-sheet-perforating-line-07