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    Brief Introduction
    This is a complete line to produce vehicle license plates, it include 2 parts equipment. One part is blank stamping line to make semi-finished product, the other part’s machines are used to process semi-product.

    Comprising of the line:
    1. Pneumatic press: 1set
    2. Stamping dies for blanking semi-product: 1set
    3. Decoiler: 1set
    4. Straightener with plastic film covering device: 1set
    5. NC servo roll feeder: 1set
    6. Conveyor bet: 1set
    7. Scrap recoiler: 1set
    8. Number plate hydraulic embossing machine with number&word mould+hot stamping machine: 1set

    Main features of the car license plate blanking line are as follows
    1. For number plate blanking line. Strip were paid off by decoiler, next strips were cleaned&dried by cleaning machine(OPTIONAL PART), next strips were flat and coated with plastic covering device, next strips were blanked by power press, at last products were collected at the conveyor beit meanwhile scrap strips were collected in scrap coil.
    2. Work pieces were processed by embossing machine, at last processed by hot stamp machine.