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    • Decoiler Cum Straightener GL Series (stock thickness 0.5~4.5mm) Decoiler Cum Straightener GL Series (stock thickness 0.5~4.5mm)
    • Decoiler Cum Straightener GL Series (stock thickness 0.5~4.5mm)
    • Decoiler Cum Straightener GL Series (stock thickness 0.5~4.5mm)

    Decoiler Cum Straightener GL Series (stock thickness 0.5~4.5mm)

    • Model: GL (Suitable for material thickness: 0.5-4.5 mm)
    • Place origin: China
    • Warranty date: 1 year
    • Certification: CE
    • Installation and debugging: Engineers onsite technical support is available.
    • Package: plywood case/film
    • Price terms: FOB SHENZHEN or other Chinese port etc.
    • Payment terms: T/T, L/C etc.
    • MOQ: 1 set
    • Delivery: 30-60 days
    • Application: to realize metal coil automatic punching/cut to length/blanking etc., widely used for working with punch press /power press /press brake/ hydraulic press machine/shearing machine etc.



    • Introduction
    • 1. Suit for most of coiled materials, including HR, CR, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
    • 2. GL models save space and increase productivity by combining decoiler and straightener.
    • 3. Coil is centered by manual or hydraulic expansion of the jaws.
    • 4. Non-motorized decoiler is used with straightener equipped with powered rolls that have sufficient power to feed the strip.
    • 5. Equipped with 11 rolls including 7 straightening rolls and 4 pinch rolls, GL models are available with material thickness from 0.5 to 4.5mm.
    • 6. Rolls are heat-treated alloy steel with hard chrome plating and precision ground, which have high-hardness and anti-friction features.
    • 7. Equipped with Japanese electromagnetic contactor and electronic components, GL models have fewer breakdowns and longer lifetime.
    • 8. Press arm prevents coil from loosening. (option)
    • 9. Equipped with inverter, GL models use a manually adjustable speed control knob to make the operator set the payoff speed. (option)
    • 10 Custom and application specific solution is available.
    • Option
    • 1. Hydraulic expansion of decoiler mandrel
    • 2. Decoiler with AC Motor
    • 3. Motorized decoiler with Inverter
    • 4. Pneumatic press arm
    • 5. Motorized straightener with Inverter








    Material Width (mm)






    Material Thickness (mm)


    Coil I.D. (mm) Φ450~530
    Coil O.D. (mm) Φ1200
    Max. Coil Weight (kg) 1000 1000 2000 2000 3000
    Mandrel Expansion Manual/Hydraulic
    Pinch Rolls (mm)

    Φ98×2  Φ120×2

    Straightening Rolls (mm)

    Φ60×7 (Upper 3/Lower 4)

    Input Power 3Phase AC 380V/415V
    Reducer Ratio


    This model can be customized according to your material width, coil inner diameter, coil outer diameter and coil weight.

    * The contents are subject to change without prior notice.


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