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    Tips for Peeling T-Shirt Transfers with Heat Press

    Tips for Peeling T-Shirt Transfers with Heat Press

    Tip 1: Use High-Quality Transfers

    Invest in high-quality transfer sheets to ensure durability and ease of peeling.

    Tip 2: Proper Heat Press Settings

    Adjust the heat press machine to the recommended temperature and time for optimal results.

    Tip 3: Cool Down Before Peeling

    Allow the design to cool down after pressing before attempting to peel off the transfer paper.

    Tip 4: Peel Slowly and Carefully

    Gently and slowly peel back the transfer paper to avoid damaging the design.

    Tip 5: Use Parchment Paper for Protection

    Place a parchment paper over the transfer paper before peeling to prevent scorching or sticking.

    Tip 6: Test on Scrap Fabric First

    Always test the transfer on a scrap fabric before applying it to your final garment.