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    Perfect Heat Press Settings for Avery Transfer Paper

    Getting the Best Results: Avery Transfer Paper Heat Press Settings

    When it comes to transferring designs onto fabrics using Avery transfer paper, finding the perfect heat press settings is crucial for achieving vibrant and long-lasting results. To ensure your creations turn out just the way you envision, follow these recommended heat press settings:


    • Preheat your heat press to 350°F (177°C) for light-colored fabrics.
    • For dark-colored fabrics, set the temperature to 375°F (191°C).


    Apply medium to firm pressure. Make sure the transfer paper is securely in place on the fabric before pressing.


    • Light-colored fabrics: Press for 20 seconds.
    • Dark-colored fabrics: Extend the time to 25 seconds.

    By following these heat press settings, you can achieve professional-quality transfers with Avery transfer paper.

    Tips for Success:

    1. Always test a small piece of transfer paper on a similar fabric before proceeding with your main project.

    2. Peel the transfer paper carefully and slowly to avoid damaging the design.

    3. Let the fabric cool down after pressing before handling it to ensure the transfer sets properly.


    With the right heat press settings and a bit of practice, you can create personalized clothing, accessories, and more using Avery transfer paper. Experiment with different designs and fabrics to unleash your creativity!