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    Heat Transfer Vinyl Glitter Heat Press Settings – Arhiky Blog

    The Perfect Glitter: Heat Transfer Vinyl Press Settings

    Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a versatile material used by crafters and businesses alike to create stunning designs on various fabrics. When it comes to using glitter HTV, getting the heat press settings just right is crucial for a successful transfer. In this guide, we will delve into the optimal heat press settings for glitter HTV to ensure your designs shine bright and last long.

    Choosing the Right Glitter HTV

    Before diving into heat press settings, it’s essential to select high-quality glitter HTV that suits your project. Look for products that offer vibrant colors, easy weeding, and durability to achieve the best results.

    Recommended Heat Press Settings

    Here are the recommended heat press settings for applying glitter HTV:

    • Temperature: 320°F
    • Pressure: Medium to Firm
    • Time: 12-15 seconds

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Preheat your heat press to 320°F.
    2. Place your garment on the heat press and pre-press for a few seconds to remove any moisture.
    3. Position your glitter HTV design on the fabric.
    4. Cover the design with a heat transfer cover sheet.
    5. Apply medium to firm pressure for 12-15 seconds.
    6. Peel off the backing while the design is still warm.
    7. Your glitter HTV design should now be securely adhered to the fabric.

    Troubleshooting Tips

    If you encounter issues during the transfer process, here are some troubleshooting tips:

    • If the HTV does not stick properly, increase the pressure and press again.
    • If the glitter flakes off after washing, try adjusting the temperature and time settings.

    Experiment and Have Fun!

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with different heat press settings and techniques to find what works best for your glitter HTV projects. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take your time to master the art of applying glitter HTV.


    Mastering the heat press settings for glitter HTV is key to achieving professional-looking results. By following the recommended settings and experimenting with different variables, you’ll be well on your way to creating dazzling designs that stand out.